The pop-culture understanding of “The Road Not Taken” by Robert frost is that you should take the “path less traveled.” It is also the United State’s most misunderstood poem. By creating this web-based interactive narrative, I address this misconception and try to undo it by analyzing clarifying its meaning.
I fell in love with words in high school and remember my teacher explaining why this poem was so misunderstood. As a fan of hip-hop, I am no stranger to the lyric site, Genius, so I decided to present a close analysis of this poem in a similar way.
The site gives a brief introduction and then presents the poem and the analysis in Times New Roman on a stark white page to resemble a printed book. Since the subject matter of the poem is duality, it naturally followed that the poem and analysis should site side by side in a two column layout. I went for this simplicity because in poetry, the words are the whole thing and adding distractions would take away from both the poem’s narrative and the educational narrative I am presenting.
I used HTML, CSS, and jQuery to make it so that hovering over a line reveals relevant analysis. I wrote all the analysis from my own interpretation and insight from Poetry Foundation, PBS, and Owlcation.